$20.19 Certificates coming soon!

Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

$20.19 Gift Certificates are on their way to you! We wanted to give you all a heads up on what’s coming this January! We will have 3 different options to choose from.

  1. $20.19 Pedicure
  2. $20.19 Lip Plumping treatment offered by Suzanne
  3. Luxury Hair Treatment or haircut by one of our newest hair designers!

We have some amazing new talent this year and want to show them off. The haircuts will be only offered by a select few hair designers:

Hannah A, Hannah L, Allie, Katherine, Abby, Jenni, Kristy R, Chloe, and Alyssa D. Our seasoned hair dressers will be offering a $20.19 luxury treatment! We have a great selection of hair treatments to help beat the winter dryness, lock in your hair color, and keep the dry dull hair at bay. Winter weather doesn’t mean you have to have lackluster hair. Bring it back to life with a $20.19 treatment!

Let’s not forget about a Brown and DeLine pedicure – there is really nothing better! A major savings on a winter maintenance pedicure is just what is needed to calm your winter blues!

Don’t jump on these too quickly – you can’t book until December 26th!