2014 Spring Makeup Trends!

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Winter have you feeling sad and drab? Here are the top five upcoming makeup trends for spring 2014!

1. Bright Lips – Brighten up your look this spring by adding a pop of color to your lips.  We recommend a bright orange, an electric pink, or a neon red!  Add some mascara to your lashes and dust some bronzer to your cheeks to complete this look.
Paige in bright lips!
2. Chic Cat-Eyes – Black liquid or pen liners works best for this look.  Trace your lash line as usual, extend a “tail” on the outer corner or your eye using your lower lash line as guide, then connect the end of your “tail” to the rest of your liner and adjust thickest to your liking.  Pair your finished cat-eye with a bring lip color!
winged liner done right!
3.  Glittery Eye Shadow – Grab your favorite sparkled eye shadow and a tight bristled eye shadow brush.  Slightly dampen your brush then pat eye shadow onto your eyelid. Finish your glittery eye off with some volumizing mascara and your favorite clear lip gloss. This is the perfect look for an evening out this spring.
4.  Glowing Skin – Use a bronzer one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone and apply to your cheeks bones, temples, and forehead.  Apply a light, skin toned shimmery powder to highlight your cheek bones, center forehead, and the bridge of your nose.  This will give you a fresh, sun kissed look.
5.  White Out Eyes – Apply a white shimmery eye shadow to your eyelid and inner corner of your eye.  Trace your upper lash line and your lower water line with a white eyeliner pencil. This will give you a clean, brightened look.  Complete this look with lengthening mascara and a pale pink gloss.
Feeling like your make up skills are a little rusty? We offer make up applications and lessons! Book your appointment now to perfect these upcoming trends. After all, spring is just around the corner!