Are your feet summer ready?


Are your feet summer ready? Are they dry, cracked, or calloused? If you’d like a simple solution that is customized to your condition, you should give Footlogix a try.

With over sixteen products to choose from, we can guarantee that there’s one for you.

Footlogix is where “medi” meets “pedi,” the first and only company to have a line of pharmaceutical-grade foot care. The products contain active ingredients that are found in our own bodies to help them absorb into the skin as thoroughly as possible, and are able to cure some of the most severe conditions that ail your feet.


Our nail team attended a Footlogix class at the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event last month, where an educator asked, “What do you use to moisturize your feet? Do you just rub your body lotion down from your legs? If so, would you pull that same lotion up to your face?”

Now there’s a cringe-worthy thought… of course not! You want to use something that was designed with your feet in mind. Products with anti-fungal, moisturizing, and deodorizing properties are just a few of the various treatments that Footlogix offers. When you think about it, you don’t have any sebaceous (oil) glands on the bottoms of your feet, so why would you use lotion with ingredients like alcohol and perfumes on an area of your body that won’t absorb them?



People have experienced results from using the Footlogix line in as little as three days! Talk to your nail professional about which treatment is right for you, and get those toes ready for summer!