Going from good to great

Cathy's Blog - Stiletto Maintenance

At Brown & DeLine we are very proud of our assistant program. We have worked hard over the years developing and refining a program that helps new salon professionals become successful. We think it is the best program around for transitioning from cosmetology school graduate to successful beauty professional.

While we use the industry standard term ‘assistant’ for this program, what we really are offering is a paid internship. An assistant helps a stylist be successful. An intern is part of an on-the-job training and development program. Our ‘interns’ learn to be a great salon professional while working with our talented team. Our goal is to help our assistants grow into booked, busy hairdressers in a timely manner. We keep our assistants motivated with classes, performing services on models, and by working with all of the members of our team. Everyone has something to teach; everyone has something to learn. We want our assistants to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Why would an internship even be needed after beauty school and licensing? Beauty schools do a great job of teaching basic technical skills. But what your hairdresser makes look sooo easy is the result of hundreds – even thousands- of hours of perfect practice in a salon. Our assistant program is designed to take beginning hairdressers from good to great. It is a chance for them to refine their basic skills and learn more advanced techniques. They learn customer experience skills and the Brown & DeLine way of doing things. Our supportive environment helps increase their confidence so transitioning to working with their own clients is a natural, easy step. All of our assistants also enter into a mentoring program with a senior employee. This weekly check-in helps keep the assistant on track. It is a chance to get feed-back, set goals, talk about last week and strategize next week.

Our latest team of assistants will be ready to start taking clients September 6th.  We encourage you to try one of our newest team members. Our busiest season is coming up. Ask your stylist who would be the best fit for you to have as a ‘back up’ stylist if you can’t get in with your favorite.

Melissa Gillin and Kimberly Allen