5 Tips to keep your look updated this fall! by Paige Chessor

Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

Well, there is no denying that fall is here! With that being said fall is the perfect time to switch up your style. One thing in particular that is an easy area to change up for the new season is your makeup. Here are my five tips for transitioning your summer makeup over for fall.


  1. Ditch the pink tones; Start embracing warm browns, burgundy and terra-cotta like tones.
  2. Change your foundation! Adjust your foundation shade to match your skin tone as your summer tan fades. Also opt for something less matte as the cooler weather can lead to dryer skin.
  3. One summer trend that I do see following us into the fall is dewy skin! Find a highlight that works for your skin tone and use it on the high points of your face to give you a hydrated look throughout the cooler months.
  4. Switch up your eyeliner! Opt for new fun tones like charcoal, navy or brown.
  5. Last but not least and also my favorite trend, a statement lipstick! Try a new bold lipstick color. A hot red, a dark plum, a coffee brown, any fun fall color to make you stand out. Pair it with a soft eye to keep your look balanced.

With all this talk about makeup, all of us here at Brown & DeLine have exciting news. We will be launching TheBalm Cosmetics, a brand new makeup line to us in the coming new year. We specifically chose this line because it is paraben free, cruelty free, has talc-free shadows and blushes, offers makeup for all skin tones, and because it’s high quality for a great price. Check back for future blog post updates of this exciting launch.

– xoxo Paige