5 tips to maintain Ingrowns! By Jessica Foote


Closed toe shoe season is upon us and for many that means the battle with painful ingrown toenails begins. Here are 5 tips to help ease you through:

  • Give those toes a break! Daily wear and tear from shoes that are too tight around the toes can cause in grown toenails and aggravate pre-existing ones. Try and limit the wear of shoes that pinch your toes and don’t get in the habit of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, as this can cause continuous pressure on the same area.
  • Don’t cut corners! When maintaining your toenails at home, never cut the corners on an angle. This may provide temporary relief, but as the toe nail grows back it will grow in deeper and cause you more pain. Additionally, don’t cut your toe nails too short.
  • Soak, soften and file! A helpful at home tool to have on hand is an ingrown file. Ingrown files are available at any beauty supply store or drug store, you may also purchase one through your nail care professional at Brown & DeLine. Before filing your ingrown be sure to soak your toe to soften the skin around it.
  • Moisturize! Keep your nail and cuticle soft and moisturized with a daily dose of CND Solar Oil. When the nail and cuticle become dry they harden making the pressure on the ingrown more severe.
  • Regular pedicures! In addition to at home care, receiving a regular pedicure from a nail care professional will help keep your ingrown toenails to a minimum. When you’re beginning to address them, I recommend getting a pedicure every 3 weeks. Once the ingrown toenails have reached a maintenance level, getting a pedicure every 4 weeks will help keep them pain free!