A Culture of Generosity

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quote-kindness-1It should come as no surprise that I believe in the power of the spirit of generosity. This isn’t just about giving to a charity. It isn’t just about a monetary donation. True generosity is the meaningful sharing of your time, your spirit and yourself. Integrating generosity into your business will return a plentiful and abundant environment.

I attended a recent Zingtrain Speaker Series. It’s a fun, energy boosting way to start the day. The title of the seminar, “Building a Generous Organizational Ecosystem” caught my attention. That the talk was given by Ari sealed deal. My team loves the speaker series as well. You can read Sierra’s take on the seminar in her guest blogger post, The Art of Generosity.

We learned that integrating a culture of generosity into our business will ultimately build our bottom-line. Ari focused on what it means to be generous in the business world and how to incorporate that into our own businesses.

The basis of his theory is to give your support, compassion, and forgiveness to not only your clients but to your employees. Make it a point to connect to your employees and clients. Give second chances. Share the credit. Create opportunities. Last but not least, be generous of yourself. Remember to take care of you. Being generous in this way gives your employees a safe, supportive, growing workplace. Your clients receive an amazing service and they know their hard earned money is going to people and a business they can truly count on and invest in. At the end of the day, you have created an environment that supports you and trusts you.

At Brown & DeLine we work hard to function as a positive, supportive, generous team. Everyone is responsible for their personal success as well as for the success of the team. We consistently work on creating and maintaining a positive culture.

The timing of this series was perfect. I just learned that we are being honored by Salon Today 200 in the Philanthropy category this year. (Watch for my blog about that). I believe in giving back to the community that supports us. It is so nice to be recognized for what we do.

One of the tips we learned for building a culture of generosity was the quote – “When in doubt, give it out”. When you think about doing something kind, but have hesitation, just do it. Overcome the hesitation. Give it out. It was fun and interesting to hear my teams’ conversations about opportunities to “give it out”.

Ari concluded the seminar with a reflection exercise.

What are at least two action steps that you will take to bring the spirit of generosity into your work?

My answer came quick. I jotted down,

-Contact a salon owner who I heard was having hard times

-Reach out to a teacher that made a difference in my life.

I believe in connecting with people. I know that one act of kindness and generosity, leads to more acts of kindness and generosity. Positivity spreads like the ripple effect I spoke about in my previous blog about Vista Maria. I love being a part of a community with so many other local businesses that feel the same.

Now you give the reflection exercise a try –

What are two action steps that you will take to bring the spirit of generosity into your work?