ABS by guest blogger Kristy


kristy&jenEvery year in the spring, our Brown & DeLine team travels to Chicago for America’s Beauty Show. Over 70,000 professionals, teachers, students, and manufacturers gather for three days of learning and showcasing the coming year trends in the beauty industry. I am a 20 year veteran in the salon industry and this by far has to be one of my favorite events that I attend.

The highlight of this year’s show for me and many of my team members was a class taught by Jen Plank. Jen is a salon owner in Traverse City, Michigan. She’s a very successful stylist and the top motivational speaker in the hair industry!

Her class was called “Behind the Chair of a Champion”. This, of course, totally applies to me and all my team members! When you first walked into her class, you couldn’t help but to notice all the sticky notes plastered across the room! Each note had a motivational quote written on it.

“Champions train, losers complain”.

“Either I will find a way or I will create a way but I will not create an excuse”.

One quote that really resonated with me was, “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have”.

Besides her great skills as an orator, she also has the ability to make you feel as if she is speaking directly to you!  You leave her class feeling lighter and more energized.  In this industry it is important to continually “fill your bucket” with positive energy.  She gave all of our team just that! Her passion for the beauty industry is very much contagious. Her pride in her everyday work and relationship with her clients is what we all strive for in this career!