ACS Wig Bank at Brown & DeLine

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As a small business owner, I am very grateful to the community that supports my business. Because of this support, we are able to give over 50 local people great jobs. I am always looking for ways to support the community and inspire happiness.

I am excited to announce that Brown & DeLine has partnered with the American Cancer Society-Wig Bank. We are providing private appointments for cancer patients to be fitted for and style their new wigs.

Our wig bank is only the second in Washtenaw County associated with the ACS.

Working with ACS seemed like a natural progression. I had been researching cold cap therapy, then looked into salons that sold wigs. I was shocked to see the lack of resources. I have purchased my fair share of wigs in the past. I?ve gone with clients to find the perfect wig, and I have shopped alone for the perfect wig that will only worn once at her funeral. Either scenario, both are emotional.

Most of the time when a client sits in my chair and tearfully tells me she has cancer, she is more concerned about her hair than the cancer itself.

Everything about this illness is awful. What I have observed is the minute a woman loses her hair, she looks sick. Everyone can see that she is sick and her confidence is diminished. A nice, well fitted wig can make a world of difference. We are looking forward to helping by giving people one less thing to worry about.

One of our senior stylists, Janell and I will be offering this complimentary service.