Act Like an Olympian

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Imagine your life if 3/10s of a second counted. Imagine if it was the difference between winning and losing in everyday life. Imagine if we all acted like an Olympian!

Being up and productive at 5am would be considered normal.

Healthy lifestyle choices would be the only choices we’d make.

Drug free would be our lifestyle, not a campaign.

The high road would be the only road we travelled.

We would all be logging our 10,000 hours.

Everything we did would have a purpose.

In it, to win it!

Passion, focus, drive, perserverance, determination, resiliance, faith, commitment, discipline, repetition, belief and  dedication. We would have it all.

Imagine if arriving at work everyday was like the Opening Ceremonies. Pride would be the theme everyday. Everyone would be be prepared, rehearsed and driven. Imagine the results if 3/10s of a second counted.

We can learn a lot from these amazing athletes. I think the biggest lesson is that in our daily lives we don’t need an Olympic arena to be great. We need an Olympic mentality.

Go for the gold!

Better yet–be gold!