Advanced Education

Monthly Newsletter

At Brown and DeLine our Bottom Lines are Successful Stylists, a Successful Salon and Wowed Clients. We are continually growing and changing with our bottom lines in mind.

To assist us in achieving our bottom line goals, we have a few people receiving  advanced education this month in Customer Service
and Finance.

Jess, Brittany and Laura, from our senior leader group will be attending a seminar facilitated through Zingtrain, in Ann Arbor. The Customer Service Express class is a morning filled with role-play, discussions and hands-on practice. We pride ourselves on our great customer service. We hope to come away with some great tips to make your experience here with us even better. We are always looking for ways to make your experience at Brown and DeLine ‘All About You’.

At the end of November, Cathy and Sarah will be experiencing another ZingTrain Seminar called ‘fun, flavorful finance’. The goal of the class is to make great finance a successful part of the organization at every level of employee. The tag line of the seminar is “Learn how Open Book  Finance can help save the US Economy!” How could we say no!