Assistant Classes has started!

Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

This year we have two sets of classes starting. We have lots of new talent starting on the floor soon. To get them ready to start their careers off right we offer a wide range of classes to further their education and improve their skill set. Most of our classes will be happening on Monday’s so if you swing in that day, you may see them in action. Practicing on both mannequins and models we plan to have them ready for the Holiday rush!

This past week, we had two classes. On Sunday our lead nail techs taught a manicure and pedicure class. Then on Monday Cathy and Kristy taught a hair cutting class. All of these services are taught in cosmetology school but we know and understand skills are refined outside of class and in the work place. Being taught and critiqued by our staff is definitely nerve-wracking but extremely helpful. It also benefits our assistants in building clientele. When we get asked by our clients who would be the best fit for them, or who gives a great pedicure. We can confidently say anyone here does. It’s not just because they are our team mates and coworkers, it’s because we know first hand.