August is Diversion Awareness Month


Brown and DeLine is making August Diversion Awareness Month!

If you do not know what diversion is, you are not alone. Most consumers – and a number of industry professionals – are unaware of this problem. Diversion is when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. If you see professional hair products being sold at discount stores, you are seeing diversion.

Diversion is a concern for a number of reasons. Diverted products can be counterfeit or diluted formulas. This is often found in packaging that is similar, but not identical to the product you are used to at the salon. Sometimes the products are past their expiration dates or discontinued formulas that may no longer be safe to use. If you are finding discontinued products at the retail store, they are often very old. Diverters will remove the batch codes from the bottles. The batch code lets you know the age of the product, and if it was recalled. Bottles that are altered, scratched, dirty or dented are often diverted. You are probably paying more for the products at a discount store than we sell them for at the salon. These stores play on your perceptions that items at a discount store are less expensive than at a professional salon.

This month our focus is educating our clients as to why they should purchase professional products from salons. The quality and freshness of the products can only be guaranteed by a salon. We keep a small inventory on hand and orderly weekly to keep our products as current as we can. Our products are consistently less expensive than diverted products. We purchase products from reputable local companies. In November we will start to have a monthly ‘Private Sale’ to offer a discount on our professioanl products to our email clients. Our salon staff is well trained on which products are the best for your hairstyle and your lifestyle. They will help you choose the best possible products for your needs.

You make an investment of time and money getting the best salon services. Real professional products will extend the life of your color services and make styling a breeze. The only way to ensure you are getting authentic products is to purchase them at the salon. You’re worth it!