Aveda Skin Care – Coming soon!

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Brown and DeLine is so excited to begin offering Aveda skin care products!



We will carry products ranging from daily routine skin care lines to specialized corrective lines.



Botanical Kinetics, Tourmaline and Enbrightenment are three great lines for at home care. We will also feature these lines in our new specialized facials.



The Botanical Kinetics is a simple line consisting of products for normal/ oily and normal/ dry skin types.



The Tourmaline line consists of products to help increase cell turnover to reveal skin’s natural radiance.



The Enbrightenment line is made up of products focused on correcting sun and age spots as well as acne scarring to create a more even looking skin tone.



During our launch month of May we are offering $50 Aveda facials and a special gift of 20% off Aveda Skin Care products on day of facial only.

These Aveda facials will be offered with limited availability with Sarah B, Jessica G, and Jaycee who have had exclusive Aveda Skin Care training.

We look forward to sharing our love for Aveda Skin Care with you!