Aveda’s Hair Potion by Elaina


aveda-pure-abundance-hair-potion-278x278Hands down, my favorite Aveda styling product is the Pure Abundance Hair potion. I like to call it my “deserted island pick”, the one hair product I would take with me. It transforms from a powder to a liquid when manipulated, finally turning back to a powder form in the hair. It gives 17% more volume to hair instantly while adding matte texture. Hair potion is intended for dry hair-clean or dirty.

The magic behind the product is in the ingredients. The first ingredient is water, unlike most hair products that contain alcohol as the first ingredient. The second ingredient is marshmallow! That is what gives it the awesome hold, texture and perfect level of tackiness in the hair. It also contains kaolin clay and acacia gum to bulk up hair. My only warning with the product is because it turns into a liquid, don’t pack this in your travel on bag for a vacation. If the product gets too shaken in the bottle it will transform in the bottle into a liquid. If this ever does happen, pop it in the freezer for an hour or two and it will transform back.

Multi-uses for the product and my favorite ways to use it
* Section hair and apply to the roots for a back combed effect with minimal effort
*Sprinkle on ends to add texture before braiding or putting hair up
*Add to wet hair at the roots before blowdrying for quick volume. I love using products for uses other than they are intended for!
*Use on dirty days to soak up excess oil
* I also like to “season” hair with it, sprinkle all over top of hair and fluff with my fingers, for messy hair on clean days.
* Add to hair before setting with rollers or curling iron for volume without the feel of product.