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Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

On Friday night we had our first Wellness Seminar. We had a good turn out of people, and we all left with a better understanding of how to fuel our bodies.

The biggest point I was reminded of is that genetics plays a huge role in body shape. So although I strive everyday to get to a size two, the reality of it is that it may never happen. Thank you, Grandma!

Melissa Gerharter, Registered Dietician, facilitated the seminar. She passed around large test tubes of fat. Each tube was labeled as a specific food from a specific restaurant. It is amazing how much fat is in potato skins!

This year Brown and DeLine is focusing on Beauty-Inside and Out. We have added Melissa Gerharter to our staff. She is available for one-on-one appointments starting in February. We also have calendar of seminars scheduled this year. The topics range from energy drinks to eating for diabetics. Our next seminar is January 26th focusing on Getting your Kids on Track with Nutrition.

I once read that in every person lives a fat person and a skinny person. They are in competition at all times. Someone is always winning! Some days my fat girl and my skinny girl are wrestling to the ground, beating each other up!

With Melissa’s help, I plan to make healthier choices this year so my skinny girl can live on.

Make it a great day!