Coaching for Success

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Coach – An individual involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations of a team or individual.

In the salon we use coaches all the time. Our new talent is teamed up with a senior staffer. The teams meet weekly to recap the previous week, talk about successes and strategize the next week. The coach gives new ideas and shares their personal testimonials in what has worked for them.

I personally have hired coaches throughout the years. I have worked with coached to enhance:

· Leadership skills
· Business ownership skills, legal matters, retirement
· Fitness
· Training
· Hair designing
· Salon design
· Growing a Successful staff

Having a coach helps hold people accountable. They stretch individuals and teams to achieve goals out of their comfort zone.

A coach’s word can be highly influential and can change the attitude and performance of his team.

So in the words of an MSU coach during a recent phone call to my sister – “Hard work and perseverance make dreams come true”.