Continued Education

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These past few months at Brown & DeLine we’ve had an overload of some amazing education classes! We are so pumped and inspired to continue to put our best foot forward for our clients. Just recently we hosted an education class with a Wella Educator on highly textured hair. She was by far one of the best educators we’ve had in awhile! Each one of us walked away with a lot of nuggets to use on our clients. We learned Color, Cut, and Styling techniques. As well as what products to use. We were able to have real models to work on, Thanks to Amber and her daughters and friends! Here are some pictures from the class:


Our Assistants have been busy these past few months getting ready to be full time hair dressers. They have had classes every Monday taught by a few of our other stylists here at the salon. They’ve had highlighting classes, Updo classes, and this week they will be attending a Make Up class taught by Val!

A few of us have gone to education outside of the salon, A TIGI cutting class, Shellac Classes, and at the end of this month Paige and Danielle will be attending a Moroccain Oil Cutting class in New York City!

We are seriously committed to our craft and strive to give the very best to our clients. We wrote about continued education in our book Thrive, and how important it is to our ever changing industry. It keeps us, informed, focused, and inspired. We can not wait to share our new tips and techniques with all of you!