Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

I was recently asked by a new prospect what set our salon apart from other salons. I was proud to answer – our culture. We have worked hard to develop a culture of success, ownership, gratitude, and giving.

We have our vision of success, our principles, and our bottom lines posted prominently in our dispensary. We also post our Rules for Success, which start with ‘you are responsible for your own happiness’.  These are great reminders of what we are here for every day.

We begin our week with our team huddle, the cornerstone of our open book management style. Our huddle is a business meeting, a sales meeting, goal setting session, a meeting of the minds and more! Huddle ensures we are on track each week for bottom line success. Everyone feels a sense of ownership in the success of the salon.

We start each huddle with a positive quote or inspiration. Focusing on a positivity sets the tone for the meeting. We record the previous week’s totals and strategize how to make this week’s goal. The whole team is involved in planning for salon success. We track service sales, retail sales, new clients, and pre-booking, and other important numbers.

In addition, we also track salon culture themes. Our weekly culture creates a climate of an open, optimistic workplace. Salon energy, social media promotions and growth, web hits, and a culture focus for the week are all discussed.  We measure our energy every day from 0 to Zen. Team members record their energy on the daily board. If anyone is below an energy level of 8, we ask what we can do to help increase their energy. The boost from people caring and genuinely wanting you to have a good day makes all the difference if you are starting the day at a 6.

We discuss “monkeys”. These are areas in the salon that need attention in order to provide our staff with fully functional equipment. A smoothly functioning salon is everyone’s responsibility here.

Each huddle has a ‘best practices’ discussion to keep our skills sharp. Modeling

We discuss salon events, anniversaries, and appreciations.

As a team we pick 4 discussion topics for the week. These are a great way to start professional conversations with our clients. Everyone’s voice is heard, and we are all on the same page. This reinforces of goal of a culture of ownership and success.

We close huddles with 5 appreciations. These are mentions of things that team members have done throughout the week that helped the team. They range from ‘thanks for helping me by doing a shampoo when I was behind’ to ‘thanks for helping me move into my new house this weekend’. This reinforces our culture of gratitude and giving.

If anyone is running behind or needs assistance, they simply state “Goose Down!” and one or two team members rush to their aid. This was adapted from the story of the reason geese fly in a v formation because it makes it easier and if a goose is sick or injured to another one drops down with it until it can rejoin the flock.

We are rewarded for maintaining our culture in many ways. Everyone works toward a standard of excellence.  We thoroughly enjoy the culture we have created. Clients often comment on how much fun we have. Educators and sales reps often comment on how great our salon ‘feels’. We truly care about each other’s success. We all care about the salon’s success.

We use a tool called Strength Finder 2.0 to discern each team members’ top 5 strengths. We focus on building these strengths and managing around weaker areas. Our salon culture benefits from utilizing everyone’s special talents. Each team member is happier because they can focus on their passionate and excel in their areas. This sense of purpose and value they learn enhances both personal and professional lives.

To help encourage the culture, we have a small group of senior staff people we call Legacy leaders. These leaders help the salon owner by modeling our culture and mentoring newer staff.

I have traveled to many salons around the country as an educator.  I am amazed at the lack of team culture in so many salons. Young stylists are often not valued nor are they given any direction or praise for their accomplishments. Here, we strive to set our new team members up for success with an amazing and advanced training program. Each year, every member writes their one year vision, including personal, professional, and financial goals. Then a plan is developed with the action steps that it will take to achieve these goals. Our leaders encourage the team to dream big. It is imperative that everyone on our team helps “row the boat,” and always make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

We are amazing on purpose. We choose staff members who have similar ideals and values. To be successful and keep our cultural feel we work hard and model best practices to each other every day. We have fun. We cultivate close relationships among team members. We celebrate our success. We learn from each other. We thank each other.

We are so much more than a team. We are a phenomenon!