Customer Service by Guest Blogger Sarah McKenzie

Team B.a.D.
As you walk into our salon we have many plaques from Salon Today 200. Salon Today is a magazine that highlights the beauty industry. It features new products, techniques, technologies, and much more. Each year they put together a competition to recognize the top salons in various categories. In order to apply we have to write an essay for each of the categories we feel we should be recognized in. A few of us volunteer to write an essay for a specific category. Sarah M. wrote an essay for customer service. “It’s all about you” at Brown & DeLine! We strive for over the top customer service. We all love to be treated with kindness and respect. We can make a difference in someone else’s day by the service we give. We feel we’ve done our small part in making society a little better. To help us give he best Brown & DeLine experience to every client every day takes practice, dedication, and systems. We have systems in place to guide us in delivering amazing customer service.
Sarah M. talks about how we do what we do in the short essay below.

Our salon prides itself on stellar customer service from the moment a client walks in until they walk out the door. When the client checks in, they are greeted with a smile, eye contact, and a professional tone. After they are greeted we ask them “What can I get you to drink?” It is never a problem to get that for them. We have even run down the street to get them a hot chocolate from a coffee shop. The drink is then served to them before the service has started.

During the service, our customer service continues. We ask again to see if we can get them a beverage before and during the appointment. The guest and service provider have their detailed consultation for what the client is looking for or main concerns, whether it is their hair, skin, or nails. The service is provided all while giving detailed information about products being used and why. We feel it is important that the client knows why something is being used on them. As the service comes to a close, each client is told about our referral program (any new client you bring your service provider gets you a complimentary hair treatment and blowout) and handed a few business cards. Each new client in the building receives a “New Client Bag” which includes a welcome letter, our social media information, and a free product. As the service provider brings the client to the front to check out, products that were sued during that appointment are pointed out and brought to the desk. The service provider also recommends when the next appointment should be booked. The service provider then hands over the client the the salon coordinator to finish checking out.

The salon coordinator asks again about any products the guest may need to purchase. The salon coordinator asks if the clients wants to pre-book and will bring up the recommended date the service provider provided to see availability. The client will then provide for the day’s services. The salon coordinators ask if there is anything else they can help with and close with a smile and “Have a wonderful day!”

Our salon enhances each guest’s experience by providing a large drink selection, and we cater to specific needs. Some specific needs include wanting a Bigby coffee or specialty drinks. We offer pay ahead options, and our stylist have assistants to make the flow of the appointment smooth.

Our salon has high training standards that will make sure our service is consistent. The training for our service providers includes many in house education opportunities and many live models before they start on the floor. We train our service providers so that our first-time clients have an excellent first experience. We start with our welcoming customer service, we provide salon tours, their first-time client bags and pre-booking their future appointments. We provide consistent service for our clients in numerous ways. Each week we meet for an hour for our huddle, during huddle we discuss our past week and what is ahead for the week coming. At huddle, we also discuss our energy levels that past week and how we can increase it along with positive culture for our salon. The culture discussions may include activities that increase gratitude, appreciations of peers and random acts of kindness. We provide in house education from our product distributors and some of our senior stylists so that we can stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Our team is made up of an age range of 20 years old to 55 years old, which gives our team a range of experience from still in cosmetology schools to up to 29 years. Our senior stylists have mentor meetings every other week with their mentee’s who are newer to the industry.

At our salon, we are reevaluating what we do and how we do it. New ideas are always welcomed and encouraged as we have open book management. Reevaluating also comes with testing our team, we have contests for our service providers so that we can push them out of their comfort zones and build up their books and numbers.

We use all the above stated ideas and systems to keep our customer service above the standard. Our guests appreciate that welcoming feeling we provide from the minute they arrive until they walk out the door. Keeping up with trends and the newest ideas in the industry help us to deliver the stellar customer service our clients have grown to look for when they arrive.