Dermasound Facials – by Jess G


New Year, New you.

Start it early with the best, skin care has to offer.

Now until the end of December enjoy a Dermasound facial for only $115 (originally $140)

Dermasound is a safe, yet effective, skin care treatment; that uses low frequency sound waves for amazing skin care results. This treatment uses 3 modes that will exfoliate deep into the skin without irritation. Different than manual exfoliation, Dermasound penetrates products into the skin 4,000 times deeper. Dermasound pulls and tightens your skin giving you an instant face lifted look.

This treatment will reduce lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, and improves overall hydration and nutrition of the skin.

What clients had to say:

“This machine changed my skin. After one facial my acne started to clear up, redness and swelling went down. Can’t wait for my next one!”

“This facial was a great experience! My skin has never felt or looked better. I really love the lip treatment as well and can’t wait to have it done, again and again!”

“Turning 45 and having people consistently complimenting my skin is why I recommend monthly facials. Having the new Dermasound treatment was phenomenal! I couldn’t believe how much more smooth my face was afterwards!”

“For me, I’ve always had smooth skin – other than my normal acne spots, around my temples and under my chin. My skin has always had a smooth feeling. Over the summer my skin changed, I had horrible bumps, acne all over, the black heads that normally stayed below the surface started to protrude. I was horrified. After one Dermasound facial my skin started to relax. The bumps went away, and the blackheads were cleaned out! I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to go through the peeling process of a peel to get my overall smooth skin back!”


Dermasound is a non-wounding skin care treatment meant to help many different skin types. It is a new treatment we offer here at Brown & DeLine, offered exclusively by Jess G our Glymed Esthetician Specialist. We brought it on because we believe in it. It actually works and we can see and feel the benefits right away.