Earth Month

Team B.a.D.

April is Earth Month

Each year we commit to doing something to make our carbon footprint just a little less. Last year we revamped our recycling bins. We swapped out our large trash bin for a small one and have two recycling bins. One under our front desk and one in our back room. It may seem small but baby steps really help make new habits stick. Quite a few years ago we started measuring our color waste at the end of the day. This was two fold, to help keep costs down and to keep from pouring color down the drain, literally. We measure it daily and keep a goal of what to keep it under. We aren’t perfect but we’ve gotten it down from 200oz to under 40oz consistently each week! That’s huge!

This month we’ve decided to take on our plastic retail bags. Everywhere you go, someone is mentioning working towards a plastic free lifestyle. Starbucks now have straw free lids, and if you bring back your reusable coffee cup to Zingerman’s you get a discount on your cup of joe for the day. Lululemon, and other big grocery stores have been offering reusable shopping bags. We thought it was time for us to do the same.

We ordered new reusable shopping bags with our logo on them. To be debuted in April – just in time for Earth month! We will sell these bags for $10 and every time you bring them in you will receive 20% off your product purchases! We’ve also ordered paper bags for those that decide not to buy a reusable one. And for those of you buying just one product without a reusable bag, we ask you go bag free.