Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

We believe that our focus on a culture of education and lifelong learning are integral parts of our salon’s success. Our belief is so strong that we have written it into our vision statement. We strive toward this goal every day.

We have a detailed system we follow to guide new hires from their first day to successful salon professional.

All new talent are invited to do a trial shift with our team. The trial shift starts with huddle, our weekly staff meeting. The prospect is given a tour, meets team members, gets time to see the salon in action, and is encouraged  to ask questions. We go over our training schedule and expectations. The shift ends with an interview with the owner.

New hires spend their first two weeks paired with a senior assistant. They are given a ‘GPS’ guide for training.  GPS stand for Goals – Planning  — Success. The GPS contains a daily checklist of skills to be mastered. We feel the GPS sets new trainees up for success. Today’s training is the foundation for tomorrow. Basic skills must be mastered before they can move on to more advanced tasks.

We cover all the basics and include our culture with each skill taught. We teach directing client flow so the clients and hair designers are always ready for each other. We pride ourselves on giving amazing shampoos with decadent head massages. The trainee learns the preferences and style of each hair designer. Assisting gives the trainees the opportunity to watch advanced technical skills being performed in the utmost professional manner. They also get to observe senior stylists interact with clients.  Trainees are evaluated continually throughout their training through feedback and self-evaluation.

We are a fast paced, high energy salon focusing on team work. Our clients enjoy that we also focus on education for our team and they enjoy our team based environment.

After the 2 weeks of side-by-side assisting, we evaluate if the trainee is ready to go solo. If not, they will continue with their trainer. Once they are great at assisting, they are ready to begin the training to advance to stylist.

Our intensive designer training program offers advanced technical skills. These classes are taught by senior designers. Each class is about 4 hours long. New designers are taught theory as well as technical applications. Skills covered range from haircuts, to color services, to formal styles and the perfect salon finished style.  Trainees perform services on mannequins or models to test out of each skill set.

We also believe it is imperative to the salon and the new designer’s success for them to be learn professionalism, the art of a great consultation, and our own 5 points of closing to finish each client interaction. Our huddles help them learn networking, marketing, and the business aspect of being a successful designer from senior staff member’s best practices.

Trainees who have excelled and completed their training are ready to start taking clients. We offer new talent ‘open books’ one or two shifts a week while they continue to assist.

As they transfer to the floor, the training shifts as well. New designers are all involved in our mentoring program.  New talent meets weekly with their mentors to strategize the next week and review the past week. We use the ‘liked best/next time’ system. For any given situation we talk about what we liked best – what went well. We then go over what we would do differently next time. There are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn and grow. We believe that a positive learning atmosphere brings out the best in each individual.  Mentor meetings also set goals for service sales and retail sales. Together they work on strategies for building their business and asking for referrals.

The learning at our salon doesn’t stop once you are on the floor. We bring in in outside educators about once a month. The class topics include business building, technical skills, latest trends, product knowledge, how to use your social media for business among others. We have had in-salon education with Rob Cass, Geno Stampora, Jen Planck, Roby Powers, Joel Torres and many other industry leaders.

Everyone is encouraged to attend 2 outside education or academies per year. We often attend these as a group which is a great team building activity.

We continue to cultivate this culture of education growth and lifelong learning as we celebrate our 23rd year in business.