Elan Sassoon Visits Brown and DeLine

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On October 12, Brown and Deline staff had the opportunity to meet Elan Sassoon. During the informal yet entertaining hour, Elan spoke to the staff about his life growing up with his dad, Vidal Sassoon, his most recent venture of opening a cosmetology school in Boston and his current road tour promoting his new product line-Sojourn.

He spoke passionately about the history of the beauty industry. His goal is to see young career professionals graduate from school with more knowledge and respect of our predecesors and beautiful hard copy portfolios to show furture employers.

His charm and enthusiasm was revealed during his final words to the group. When asked what advice he would give new talent in order to be sucessful, he answered, “The designers who make the most money are the ones who are the most social’.

At the end of our visit, Elan shared with me what I could tell was his proudest accomplishment-his two children, a boy and a girl.

We look forward to his next visit.

Make it a great day!