Extreme Lengths


Is your hair feeling damaged, weak, and prone to breakage? You’re probably searching for a product that will nourish and strengthen your hair. Redken Extreme Lengths is the way to go! The entire line consists of 7 products, but you only need 4 of them: the shampoo, primer (which acts as the conditioner), sealer, and anti-snap leave in to see amazing results. The products each have their own purpose, but they must be used as a system to achieve maximum results.


This line was created to protect your hair, while keeping it clean and smelling fresh; even days later. You may be thinking, “Well I’ve tried everything, how is this any different?” Take it from one of our very own stylists, Jessi. From blow drying and curling every day to frequent highlighting, her hair has seen it all. She has tried everything to strengthen her hair and help it grow, with no luck. It wasn’t until she started using Redken Extreme Lengths that she (and the rest of us) began to notice a dramatic difference in the texture, shine, and yes, even the length of her hair! She has turned many of her clients on to this product as well as a few other ladies here at the salon, and we have heard nothing but amazing reviews on this line.

How Redken Extreme Lengths works:


The Shampoo:


Just like every other shampoo, it cleanses your hair and scalp. It also helps rebuild and restore distressed hair to its natural shine and strength.


The Primer:


Used as a conditioner with this system (although there is an actual conditioner with this line, we have found that you don’t really need it for good results.) The biotin-infused primer moisturizes damaged hair and targets split ends to help rebuild the hair’s surface.

The Sealer:



The sealer is a leave-in, split end treatment. Like the primer it contains biotin which helps rebuild and strengthen those distressed ends. It also seals the hair cuticle to protect it from future breakage.

These three products work together by protecting your hair, allowing it to grow without breaking. So no more drastic haircuts for all you blondes out there! According to Redken, these three products alone will help you achieve the maximum growth of your hair (Jessi agrees.)

The anti-snap leave in treatment


It’s a heat protectant and blow-dry cream, formulated for wet hair. Blow-drying your hair, if done right, isn’t damaging (and by done right, I mean using a heat protectant in your hair before styling.) Queue in the Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment.

Combining this with the first three products, will vastly change your mind about length improving products.