We are now featuring FootLogix products as a complement to our pedicure services.

The creators of Footlogix recognized there was a need for foot care products that did more than feel good and smell good. They created a foot care product line specifically developed to address a variety of skin and nail conditions. These products are simple, easy to use. They are devoted to providing the solutions demanded by clients and pedicurists alike.

This line of foot care products incorporates the latest groundbreaking technology. Dermal Integration Technology (DIT) is a patented trans-dermal technology that allows the active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin than any other product!

Footlogix’s products are completely and quickly absorbed leaving no excess or greasy residue. The skin’s overall health improves quickly – visible results are evident within days and continue to build with on-going use.

The line features products tailored to dry skin, cold feet and tired legs.

Your nail technician will be able to recommend which product is best for you.