Forget the Mascara

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This winter, Forget the Mascara.

That’s right, Lash Tinting will be a part of our $20.17 gift certificate this year. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well you should come see us!

Every year as a Thank you to our clients, or to anyone that helps spread the holiday cheer with us, we hand out gift certificate coupons for special services. We price these services at a lower price for our clients to help pamper them after the big rush of the holiday season. Who doesn’t need a little pampering in January? It’s cold and gloomy. It’s the start of a new year and new you!

We add a little fun to it, and coordinate the price with the New Year. It’s going to be 2017, so these services will be $20.17! The catch is, you can’t book your appointment until December 26th. Spots will be limited and fill up quickly, so make sure you call on the 26th* to get your spot before the certificates expire on January 31st!

If you haven’t tried Lash Tinting before, now is your chance. It’s a great service for anyone who would like to walk out the door with no mascara but still have lashes. Or for those that would like to do two coats of mascara instead of 5! Now if you have super dark eye lashes already (lucky you) this service probably won’t benefit you. Don’t worry though there are two other services you can choose from! For those of you with blonde, or light eye lashes, this service will change your make up game!

If you haven’t gotten your certificate yet, come on in, stock up on some awesome Stocking Stuffers we have pre-wrapped for you, and grab one! You won’t want to miss it!




*We won’t be open for services on the 26th. Don’t worry though, we will have staff here to answer phone calls to book your appointments between 9am and 2pm!