Gelish PolyGel


This past month two of our Nail Techs, Allissa and Mae, traveled to Gatlinburg, TN where they learned the newest line of nail enhancement – PolyGel by Gelish.

Gelish Polish has been around for a few years, but now they have introduced a Nail Enhancement like no other. PolyGel is lighter, stronger, and easier to work with than any other Nail Enhancement previously. You can have the shape and length you desire with a lot less filing! PolyGel, is a polymer vs an actual gel. This gives the Nail Tech more control over where the product sets. It also doesn’t dry as fast as an acrylic. We now have the opportunity to shape the nail with our brush to perfection. Not having to use our file as much to clean up the shape makes the application process faster and smoother.

The flexible nature of PolyGel curves with your nail unlike acrylic. If you’ve ever gotten acrylic enhancements, you know what I’m talking about when we say your nails are sensitive right after getting your full set done. The flexibility takes away that sensitive feeling. It feels as if the polymer is your natural nail.

Gelish PolyGel has brought Nail Enhancements a long way. You no longer have to cure 2 nails at time to make sure the gel doesn’t move once you’re done perfecting the length and shape. PolyGel allows us to finish your entire hand before having to cure the enhancement.

Allissa and Mae are now certified PolyGel nail technicians. If you currently have acrylic and want to make the change to PolyGel, you can. We can apply PolyGel directly to your acrylic when we do a fill, instead of having to take off the acrylic first! But of course, we can always take it off completely before switching if you choose!

Gelish PolyGel is amazing and versatile. We can’t wait to get our kits in and start offering this service to our clients!