Glamour Shots

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This past month a group of us got together after work on a Saturday for a team building event with a twist! Elaina and Jessi came up with an idea for us to do Glamour Shots! But wait – there’s more. They decided it would be so much more fun to do it chopped style! What’s that? I’m glad you asked.

If you’ve ever seen the show chopped on the Food Network. Each contestant gets a mystery basket full of ingredients and they have to make a dish out of those ingredients. Usually there’s a few items that they have to get real creative with, which makes the show so much fun!

So we decided to do the same. We split off into 4 groups. One of us modeled while 1-2 stylists did our make-up, hair, and then we got to accessorize! The items we were given were anything from crayons, washable paint, kids makeup, boas, hats, scrunchies, you name it! Each group had a different set of items and we had to create a look based off what we were given!

We took photos in our photo room, printed them off and hung them in our lobby for clients to vote on the best look. We will be keeping the voting open until the 28th of February and announcing the winner the following week! If you haven’t gotten a chance to see these photos in person check them out below! Then check our Facebook for the winners the first week of March!