Glymed Education: What you’re dying to know!


This past Monday we had the pleasure of booking Nikki from Glymed (our skin care line) for a Monday morning education class. Our estheticians often get sidelined for education, meaning they have to go outside of the salon to continue their education. Mostly, because in order to get an educator in the salon there needs to be a minimum amount of employees that will attend.
Time is money.
We got lucky this time.
Nikki was here for 3 hours going over all the products we carry here, all Glymed’s new products, what their purpose is, how they are made, and how to pair them with other products to get the best results.
Now I’m not an esthetician by any means and I don’t always take my skin care routine seriously. But I’m always curious about products. I’m an information junkie. Especially when I have clients asking me questions, whether I’m behind the chair, the front desk, or answering phones. It helps having some information when an expert isn’t around.
This class was extremely informative and it expanded my wish list by at least $150! One surprising thing I learned, was that Glymed only has about 13 products out of their 100+ line, that contain gluten or a gluten derivative. Which is such a hot topic now that sensitivities and celiac disease has become more apparent. For those with one or the other can easily find a skin care routine that won’t bother them!
Some of the products I’m itching to try, the DNA face and neck cream, now that I’m inching towards the big 3-0 anti-aging is becoming more important to me. If you’ve ever seen the SEO of Glymed, who is 70 by the way, and is female, you never in a million years would think she’s over 40. Seriously. Now mind you, I’m not naive to think no airbrushing or Photoshop took place in her pictures in the company’s brochure, but even the best can’t cover up 30 years without completely distorting her true self. So if by the time I’m 70 and I could at least look 55, I’d be happy. More so, I’d like to feel 55, but that’s a whole other topic!
Another product I am dying to take home, is Eye Calm. I have some serious oily skin, including my eye lids. Now, most eye creams you cannot use on your eyelids, so please don’t try it. The skin there is much different than the skin around and underneath your eye. The Eye Calm though, is a product that can be used on your eye lid to combat oily skin, it also has anti-aging properties. I’m really hoping it will help with my eye shadow; making it last longer without creasing. After I give it go, I will let you know how well it works!
Now I could go on for days about what we learned. But instead of getting second hand information, come in and see one of our estheticians and have them prescribe a skin care routine for you!