Have you gotten your Energy Code?

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This month we brought on an entire new line of professional hair care products. System Professional is a prescriptive based product line for at home and in salon use. They offer shampoos, conditioners, masks, leave-ins, and transformative in salon treatments. We aren’t kidding when we say these treatments are life changing.

We’ve had it a full week now, each one of us has done treatments on clients, and/or gotten one for ourselves. As well as using the shampoos and conditioners, each client is getting samples to take home! We’ve been posting pictures on our social media showing the results, but pictures still don’t do this product line justice. Quite of few of us like to be blonde, like to change it up, or love those bright fantasy colors. After a while the process takes toll on your hair. A few of the stylists here got treatments done during our product knowledge class, the results from them was enough for every one of us to jump on board with this line.

What I mean by prescriptive: System Professional puts in best, The EnergyCodeTM mapping is our proprietary method of professional hair and scalp diagnosis.  The process is inspired by skin care, where in depth consultation is best practice, and takes 5-10 minutes to do in salon. Through this process salon clients will understand their hair and scalp needs and energy profile, and receive a treatment prescription – their personal EnergyCodeTM.

Each of us has received our energy codes, has gotten our unique care line, and have had treatments. We’ve also been Energy Code Mapping all of our clients and sending them home with samples of their unique code. We’ve falling in love and we know you will, the products alone are amazing and we can’t wait to see how our hair changes over the next few months.

Take this journey with us, come in to the salon and get your Energy Code!