Help for African Communities – by guest blogger Jessi

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The holiday season brings about an air of giving. For most people it’s the only time of year we give to charities or even think about the less fortunate. We get so consumed by our daily lives and the struggles we meet, other things slip our minds. That’s not the case for one of our clients, Patsy Auiler.

On Monday, December 12th some of our team members attended a holiday fundraiser hosted by our client Patsy. Patsy heads up “Help for African Communities,” a 501 [C] [3] non-profit corporation organized exclusively for humanitarian and educational purposes to assist individuals in the Masai Mara region in Kenya, Africa. The event was held in the new Captain’s room addition at the Pretzel Bell in downtown Ann Arbor.

Handmade jewelry by Patsy and beaded works by women in the tribe a long with handmade knick-knacks were sold for donation, with 100% of the funds going to projects needed to help to people of Masai Mara. It is an effort Patsy has been passionate about for years. Patsy has visited these communities several times and has plans to keep visiting them. She has helped them in many ways, including giving them used phones to help connect their communities. She makes real connections with the people of these communities; it surely touches our hearts.

Through her non-profit Patsy has been able to assist the village in purchasing tanks to collect rain water. They have built latrines for the Oloosinon Boarding School. She has helped the local women buy goats to sell at the market or to local hotels for profit. The non-profit provides funds to women of the tribe to attend higher education and pay school fees for children who cannot afford them. Most recently, Patsy was able to provide the funds to buy health care cards for 63 Masai families. The health care cards cost is equivalent to $100 per year and provide all health care needs to a family of any size.

The non-profit also provides a way of life for many who may not have had the opportunity. One of the men in the village was disabled after an unfortunate event in which he was trampled by elephants. This man is still able to work with his hands and provides beautiful hand carved wood pieces that Patsy brings to fundraisers to sell.

What Patsy is doing through this non-profit for these individuals is truly a blessing.

Brown & DeLine is welcoming Patsy back in the spring to sell the jewelry made by her and the tribes. Watch our social media sites for the announcement of dates. The jewelry is amazing, and 100% of the profits go to to her non-profit.