Hope for Haiti

Brown and DeLine's Blog - A Little Off the Top

Every night after dinner I like to catch the local news. For the last two weeks, as we all know, the news has been mostly about Haiti. It is so heart wrenching to see the destruction and devastation that these people experienced.

I can’t imagine being buried under the dirt and concrete for seven days, not being able to move an arm or even a foot. Not being able to scratch an itch. Not knowing if they would even live. Withstanding scorching temperatures all the while.

It gives me a sense of pride and hope seeing all the money and aid being donated from the US.

My thoughts and prayers are there everyday for the people of Haiti and for the rescue crews there. I pray that through this terrible time they will stay united and have the faith that eventually things will be OK.

I have been a bit of a whiner this week-about everything from the weather to how uneventful the month of January is. The news has been a constant reminder of how grateful I am to live in the United States and have the life that I have.

Make it a great day!