Importance of a Pedicure – by Mae

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It was a long, bitter winter for us in Michigan. Our feet paid the same price. Our feet went from being stuffed into boots every day, to having the freedom to breathe again! Hopefully everyone was keeping up on their 6-8 week winter pedicures, because now comes the fun part: SPRING!

Our feet should be cared for year round. Not just when it’s nice out, and we get to show off our rockin’ new toe color. Most of America spends their workday on their feet. That doesn’t include the time that we are on them before and after. A pedicure isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity- even for men!

So, why should we get a pedicure? Because it’s important to pay attention to all areas on your body. We go to the physician’s office, don’t we? Why not get ahead on the medical attention that is needed at your feet! As nail technicians, we can point out things that might not be right. We can detect athlete’s foot, fungus, and other nail disorders that every day people can’t point out to you. Once we’ve let you know that there is an issue that needs attention, you can then visit your podiatrist’s office and get further medical attention before the fungus is resistant to medicine.

Sanitation is crucial before, during and after a pedicure. You can tell a lot about a place based on their clean up. Are they scrubbing the pedicure tubs after every pedicure? Do they just rinse the water from the last person in their tub before you put your feet in? Are they using bleach and a hospital-grade disinfectant? What about their tools? These pressing questions can be asked at any salon or nail studio, and they should be able to go over, step by step, the precautionary measures to keep their tubs and nail implements clean, sanitized and disinfected. If they can’t answer these questions or if they are shy about answering these questions, that is a HUGE RED FLAG!

If we don’t properly take care of our feet we can end up with athlete’s foot, cracked heels, overgrown cuticles, or ingrown toenails. That’s not fun to deal with. Knowing what to do, and what products to use to maintain your pedicure between visits is crucial. You can ask your pedicure professional what products they recommend you to use in between visits to help maintain your healthy feet.
We only get one pair of feet; we have to treat them well!