Intercoiffure by Victoria Benham

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I thrive being a member of a team. There is something special about a group of people all pursuing their passion and working together toward the same long term goals.

Being a member of the Brown & DeLine team has given me opportunities I would never have experienced on my own.

The most recent amazing opportunity was our trip to the Intercoiffure Atelier in New York.

Intercoiffure is an elite group of beauty industry icons and leaders whose mission is to elevate and create positive change in the beauty industry. Twice a year they hold Ateliers– a combination of business meeting, fashion show, networking and awards. These whirlwind weekends happen just twice a year.


Cathy, Kristy, Shannon, and I headed to the Big Apple on a Friday evening in early October. We arrived to the Statue of Liberty, in all her glory. Manhattan’s remarkable skyscrapers, beautiful architecture, and bustling streets set the tone for an amazing event.

My proudest moment during this event was watching my mentor, Cathy Brown Issel, on stage being inducted as an official member of this group.

Cathy was voted in by a board who determined that she met criteria of excellence in our industry. We all see that first hand every day while working side by side with her in the salon.

Another great moment in the event was Oscar Blandi’s amazing show. The mood for hair this year is an array of color techniques and styles that are breathtaking! We are so excited to share these new trends with our clients.

The evening’s gala also included an awards ceremony. Each year Intercoiffure honors the top movers, shakers, and creatives in our industry.  We reward the members who are making changes in our profession and in their communities.

The weekend showed what like-minded individuals with passion and compassion can accomplish when they all collaborate. We met the creative geniuses that shape and inspire the future hair trends. We mingled with the business moguls who share their best practices to help us all succeed as leaders, entrepreneurs and mentors. We inspired each other to be our best every day and bring energy and knowledge back to our team.

The opportunity to be a part of Intercoiffure and its standard of excellence is an amazing bonus to being part of a great team. The opportunity to bring our world class education and inspiration back to the salon is what makes me excited to do what I do – change lives through hair.

Thank you for allowing us to share our passion behind the chair everyday with all of you.

Until next year New York City!

Victoria Benham