It Takes a Village!

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The most important and toughest job I do is being a mother. After being a mother, I am amazed that we don’t need a license or a degree to take on this career. In fact it’s kind of crazy to realize the only formal training most of us get is our own experiences with our own moms. And most would agree we get better and better as each generation passes. Thank Goodness!

Being a mother for the last 12 years, I have become a believer that yes it does “take a village!” And that any female, whether you’re a mother, god-mother, aunt, sister, friend, advisor, teacher, or neighbor, often fills the shoes of a mother to the children around us.

Growing and nuturing children is 24/7. Learning opportunities present themselves all day, everyday. These special women jump in at anytime.

I have close friends who do not have biological children of their own. But I regularly see them guiding and influencing the children in their lives, as if they were their own. In pleasant situations and not so pleasant situations. They help solve problems, give advice, help with homework, correct language, teach them to bake, fill in on field trips, even show the older kids how to text.

So for all those women we know who are positively influencing children, whether it’s in 2 hour increments, or 24 hour increments, whether they wake up with their children, or simply pick them up for the afternoon, we are all working towards the same goal. Happy successful people!

This is the village of women that I would certainly not hesitate to call a ” Mother” .
Thank-you to all the moms who help me raise my own children.
I could not do it without you!

Make it a great day!