Keeping your hair healthy and shiny this winter season

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Each winter, we often hear from our clients, their hair is dry and full of static.

Just like your skin, your hair care routine should change season to season. What keeps your hair healthy, manageable, and volupt in the summer won’t always beat the winter air. Our stylists have put together a few tips to help switch your routine and keep your hair looking and feeling amazing!

  1. 1. Keep Oil Reflections Oil by Wella near by! Take 1 pump of oil rub between your hands and work it in your hair midshaft to ends. Your hair will be shiny and manageable without being weighed down. – Valerie
  2. 2. Joyride Texture Balm by Bedhead has been my go to finishing product, to lay down those flyaways and add shine. I use it on all my clients! – Tiffany
  3. 3. To stop frizz before it starts System Professional Smoothen Mask works wonders! – Kelsey
  4. 4. L’Oreal 10 in 1 spray – Spray it on dry hair brush through, static is gone! Keep on hand to spray throughout the day if you are a winter hat wearer! Keep it light, you don’t need a lot! -Vikki
  5. 5. Hair still too dry? Add 1 pump of Oil Reflections Oil to your masque, let sit for 5 minutes, rinse, dry and style! – Vikki
  6. 6. Bed head after party all day! Keeps static and frizz at bay! – Chelsea