Lash Tint

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Eyelash tinting is one of the top 5 most popular salon treatments worldwide.

An eyelash tint temporarily dyes the lashes. Lash tints make your lashes look darker, thicker and longer. The ends of your lashes are often lighter than the roots. The color will make you look like you are wearing mascara without having to apply makeup. Darkened lashes define your eyes. They will look bigger and brighter!

Our lash tint products are formulated with natural ingredients for safe, long lasting results. An first time eyelash tint treatment will last about three weeks. Regular lash tints will allow you to build upon your base color to keep the look darker for a longer time- often 4-6 weeks. The dye we use is a vegetable-based dye. This minimizes the chance of irritation around the sensitive eye area. However, this is also a reason that eyelash tinting does not last permanently.

It is perfectly fine to wear eye make-up – including mascara – over your tint. The products will not affect the dye.

Our estheticians have a palette of colors to work with. They will custom blend a shade that complements your eyes and skin.

The entire lash tinting process takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes. First, special stickers are placed around the eyelids. Next, the dye is applied carefully to the upper and lower lashes. The dye must then set for at least five minutes to penetrate the lashes. Finally, the dye is washed away and the lashes are left darker.

A lash tint will do wonders for your look! Your lashes will be darker and look thicker and longer. You will wake –up every morning with beautiful eyes.