Laura Faughn and Jill Hartmeyer

Motivational Moments

The roller coaster ride of the last few years seems to be slowing down. Thank Goodness!

New Year’s always is a time of reflection and projection for me. It is a time to evaluate what works and change what doesn’t. When thinking back over the last few years, two of my coworkers stand out in the crowd.

Laura Faughn and Jill Hartmeyer.

These two ladies have a combined history of 17 years with me and Brown and DeLine. Both Jill and Laura started out at our Carpenter Road location then moved to our Jackson Road location. They have both weathered the changes of the past like true champions.

I personally recognize and appreciate their loyalty and trust through the years.

Their superior attitudes have postioned them to be the best of the best.

Thank you, Jill and Laura.