Legacy Leaders

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We are starting 2017 with a commitment to making our leadership stronger than ever. Brown & DeLine’s Legacy Leaders are devoted to the success of the team.

Eleven of my senior staff accepted the invitation to be part of this elite team. Our plan is to help elevate the education, pride, and professionalism of both our salon and the whole beauty industry.

What are some traits of these extraordinary individuals who are Legacy Leaders?

  1. 1. Care for the team
  2. 2. Committed to being the best version of themselves
  3. 3. Can change on a dime
  4. 4. Dedicated to the beauty industry
  5. 5. Forward thinkers
  6. 6. Ability to let it go (no grudges)

I believe everyone is a leader. Everyone has a gift or a strength. And someone else is observing their actions, from near or far. I think that titles are outdated. Giving a title of ‘manager’ or ‘supervisor’ is a thing of the past. I work hard to learn peoples’ strengths. When you know someone’s strengths you can position them in the job best for them. A job where they can excel and lead. One where they can do their best work every day, and be a positive influence to those observing. I witness this every day. It is a huge commitment of my time and my energy  to my team. I want them to be happy and successful and committed to our team in return. It is a great investment of my time. Don’t get me wrong, the system isn’t perfect. Sometimes it takes a few ‘repositionings’ to find the best fit. The benefits totally outweigh the costs.

One thing this team also has in common is a belief in the value of Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. This describes us to a T.

Legacy Leaders will also take a larger role in growing our team. All first interviews will be done with a Legacy Leader present. I will do the second interview. After the second interview, if all goes well, we schedule a trial shift. During the 3-4 hour trial shift, the new prospect will spend time with a few more Legacy Leaders. We will make a group decision on the new hire. We love the ‘hire slow’ philosophy.

Legacy Leaders will also take on a larger role in training new talent. We know that we all learn best in different ways. We all have our favorite educators. We all have a skill we need to brush up on. By having my Legacy Leaders be more active in training, we will be even better.

Everyone who works here has an open invitation to share their experiences on our blog. Legacy Leaders have committed to submitting at least one guest blog post. Watch our social media outlets. Our first guest blogger, Jessi, did a great job talking about a wonderful cause supported by a client. You can read it here.

Legacy Leaders are also doing a book club. Everyone has agreed to read two or three chapters of some great business books about leadership, business and the power of beliefs. We will be sharing our take- away with the team at our weekly huddles. Sharing knowledge and collaborating is a key to our success.

At Brown & DeLine we have 3 Rules for Success

  1. 1. You are responsible for your own happiness
  2. 2. Work hard
  3. 3. Support your team

My leadership team has committed to gently remind people that you will never go wrong if what you are doing falls under theses 3 rules.

The group is very aware of the legacy they want to leave. I don’t feel you have to be deceased to leave a legacy. To me, your legacy is how you want people to think about you or remember you. If you have a true legacy of generosity and gratitude people will be drawn to you. They will come to you.

My own leadership style has been described as ‘trickle up’. This simply means that I’ve never wanted to be the most successful one at the salon. I want success for everyone. This team shares my philosophy.

Looking forward to our 2017 leadership with Danielle, Jessi, Addison, Brenda, Jamie, Paige, Vikki, Stacey, Sarah, Jackie G, and Kristy.