Let’s take a Colour Trip – by Tiffany


Last fall, we were introduced to TIGI’s new fantasy color line, Colour Trip. We brought it on to test out and compare it to the million other fantasy color lines we’ve used.

Colour Trip is a semi-permanent color line. It has a wide range of options to make everything from soft pastels to vibrant vivid colors. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, pinks, and everything in between are possible with Colour Trip. The color leaves your hair feeling and smelling great. Colour Trip has hydrolyzed keratin and coconut oil to strengthen and condition your hair.

We have had challenges with some other color lines. Some fade to funky colors. Some are impossible to get out of the hair when clients are ready to try something new. Some colors fall right out. We had been looking for a true fantasy color line that would be perfect for ourselves and clients. We needed something that is versatile, that would last, and is easily changeable. A fantasy color line that could do it all is what we want and need. We feel we have found this and more with TiGi’s Colour Trip. When Colour Trip does naturally fade, it fades on tone. A bright purple will fade to a light purple, making refreshing the color is easy. When you are ready to change to a new fantasy color, the color is easy to professionally change. Colour Trip fantasy color also lasts about 20 shampoos.

To help keep your beautiful new color looking fresh, we also have this wonderful new shampoo line, Viral. It is a color depositing shampoo for fantasy colors.

Colour Trip held up to everything it promised. We brought in an educator to fine tune our skills on how to best use the line for perfect results every time. We had a blast getting to know the line better. We all took turns playing with it on hair wefts and each other!

A few team members volunteered to be models.

Their looks are below!

Come see us soon for your personalized Colour Trip.

Mellissa lyndsey danielle allissa