Let’s Talk Spa – The best services for your big day!

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There are a many number of services to think about for your wedding and honeymoon. What is going to help you look and feel the best when all eyes are on you!

What’s going to help you stay glowing and photogenic. Feel fresh and relaxed for the Honeymoon after!?

We have a selection of services we have to offer you! But what’s best for you is up to you and your skin care specialist. So make sure you book a consultation and have plenty of time for trial services before the big day. Breaking out, allergic reactions, excessive redness, what have you are not things you want to find out about the week of your big day!

Let’s first talk about your lashes. Lash tinting can go a long way for darkening your lashes, even if you wear strip lashes the day of they really help blend the falsies to your real lashes. Giving you a gorgeous wedding day look! Want something to last through you Honeymoon too? We have a talented Lash Extension Specialist that will help you achieve the length and color you desire, they last well up to two weeks before you need a fill. For the best results we suggest booking a full set well in advance and getting a few fills before the big day. That way you are adjusted to them, that they last well, and to make sure the product doesn’t irritate that sensitive skin around your eyes!

Waxing – Those of you that normally get waxed know the routine, but for those of you that don’t. Getting the best results from a wax takes a few appointments. Our hair grows in different cycles, so if you’re shaving currently, (arms, legs, bikini). I’m sure you notice some spots start to stubble before others. Waxing helps regulate that but it takes at least 2-3 appointments. You also have to have at least a pinch worth (or 1/4in) long hair before you can get it waxed. The wax needs some length to hold onto in order to pull the hair from the follicle.

Facial services – Of course getting a facial is the perfect way to get clear glowy skin right before a day full of pictures! If you currently have a Skin Care Specialist that knows your skin, they should be recommending products or services to help get you the results you crave. If not, once again see someone a few times before the big day to avoid dryness, breakouts, redness. Everyone has different skin so a one size fits all regime won’t work. It also changes seasonally so make sure your product and service routine changes seasonally too!

We offer free consultations for any service. We highly recommend coming in well before any event or vacation to make sure your hair, nails and especially skin is going to look it’s best. Helping you feel your best!