Looking Back at 2009

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What a great year at Brown & Deline Salon!

We came, we conquered, and we’re still in the game!
And we are better than Ever!
As I reflect on 2009, I find myself amazed at everything my team has celebrated and been sucessful at.

Here are a few accomplishments…

-Merged two locations seamlessly. (Maybe a few bumps)

-Vikki, Kelli, and I participated in the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in L.A.

-Tiffany Awards-Vikki won 2nd place avante guarde!

-Bartolli brothers taught class exclusively to the Brown & Deline Team

-Kristy Williams’ Fall collection was published in TNG Worldwide Magazine.

-Jaycee, Bernie, and Janell had babies! ( Jaycee’s to arrive this month)

-We introduced two new product lines.

-Lauren married the love of her life!

-Jackie and Jamie earned a trip to Italy, where they had advanced training in colour and cutting.

-Most staff completed StrengthFinder 2.0

-Management completed social media classes.

-Joe facilitated Daddy/Daughter seminar. He taught dads how to do their daughter’s hair!

-Brown and DeLine team hosted American Girl Extravaganza at the Quarter Bistro

-5k run-Big House Big Heart

-Donations to Kiva, helping other salons.

-L’Oreal in-salon advanced cutting event

-Kemon up-hair styling class

-Jamie organized a hat/mitten collection for children

-Christy and SVT attended CND advanced spa manicure/pedicure classes along with gel laqures

-Lauren, Brittany and Ashley attended an advanced nail extravaganza

I give a standing ovation to my team who are committed to their careers and are committed to making a difference in the world.

Looking forward to writing this blog again on 1.1.11.

Make it a great day,