Mike Hagen- May Man of the Month

Man of the Month

We’ve chosen Mike Hagan as our man of the month. Mike and his wife Karen are clients of Kelli as well as their two sons Brett and Kyle. Mike owns his own construction business, MBK Constructors, and he coaches varsity hockey at Skyline High School.


B.a.D: How long have you been coming to Brown & DeLine Salon?

Mike: Almost 10 years now.

B.a.D: What’s your favorite part about coming here?

Mike: The atmosphere, the people that work here, and chatting with Kelli.

B.a.D: What’s your favorite hair product?

Mike: Water

B.a.D: What one item can you not go a day without?

Mike: Cellphone

Kelli: I knew you were gonna say that!

B.a.D: What do you do for a living?

Mike: I’m a contractor.

(Mike owns MBK Constructors)

B.a.D: What one word describes you? Why?

Mike: Friendly. I’m easy to talk to and I think I’m a good listener. Although my wife says I don’t always listen!

Kelli: I would say charismatic which goes with friendly.

B.a.D: What’s your favorite local spot?

Captain Joe’s in Whitmore Lake