Nail Tip on Shellac Manicure


Myth – The UV light used to cure Shellac is dangerous. Busted!

The amount of UV exposure your hands receive during our Shellac manicure can be less than the amount of UV exposure your hands got on your drive to the salon! The UV lights we use have an internal coating that filters out much of the UV-B light, giving them less UV-B light output than natural sunlight.

“The cumulative amount of UV exposure from normal daily activities-driving, running errands outdoors and sitting under flourescent lighting- is much greater than the minimal exposure from a UV nail lamp. The anxieties of getting skin damage from a manicure are disproportionate to the truth, “explains Dr. David Valia, Director of Research and Development for CND.

Shellac services are a great way to save time and extend your manicure and pedicure!