New TIGI Copyright Treatments


We’ve got a new treatment line and boy are we in love!

TIGI has came out with Copyright Treatments. These treatments only take a few minutes but they do a lot of work in a short amount of time.

We have 4 treatments to choose from based on your hair needs:

SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment – Repairs internal damage, brings hair back to virgin like condition in just 5 minutes

Smooth Booster – Up to 62% smoother. Best for dry, frizzy, damaged, or color treated hair

Repair Booster – Up to 96% less breakage. Best for damaged, color treated, or weak hair

Shine Booster – Up to 75% more shine. Best for dull hair lacking shine.


We had a class just a few short weeks ago on how to use the treatments and how they work. We also got to test them out. Below we have before and afters of the Smooth Booster treatment, the difference it made was amazing!