No Sweat

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For all its glamour, working in the beauty industry is physically challenging. We are on our feet all day – often in heels. We shampoo many heads of hair and lift feet during pedicures. We bend and stretch during waxing services. Between clients we do laundry, grab a bite to eat and think about the next client. Often our “break” is spent with takeout food and a cigarette. You would think that maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep up with everything in our workday would be at the top of the list for us.

Too often, it’s not.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Michelle Segar, PhD speak about her new book, “No Sweat. How the simple science of motivation can bring you a lifetime of fitness.” She was amazing! Thanks, Zing Train, for introducing us to yet another great speaker.

The title of Dr. Segar’s talk was “Harnessing the Right ‘Whys’”. According to her research, finding the right ‘whys’ for making a change will help make the change sustainable. As a leader in a business that is constantly changing, I was anxious to learn how to do this both at home and in the salon.

The seminar focused on finding the ‘right why’s’ for fitness. Dr. Segar had the group answer a few questions rating how we feel about exercise, physical activity and selfcare. Take a second to answer these for yourself. Your answers may surprise you.

Why do you exercise?

Is physical activity a chore or a gift?

How do you feel about taking care of yourself?

What are your top 5 daily priorities?

My answers focused on feeling good, staying fit and having energy to be my best every day. My top five priorities are home, kids, salon, fitness, planning for the next day.

Dr. Segar encouraged us to give ourselves permission to take better care of ourselves. In this busy world, we too often put the needs of others before our needs. I find this especially true among women. When I think I don’t have time to take care of me, my fitness coach says ‘get up 20 minutes earlier’.

She wrapped up with an amazing idea – when we take the time to reflect on our lives and then act to make them more in accord with our core selves, we can transform our world.

Wow. We can transform our world. Imagine what that would look like!

At Brown & DeLine I encourage my team to each find their top priorities. It is important that each person defines what is most important to them. We work on aligning our personal core values to those of the salon. Work and life balance are key to happy, successful, career salon professionals.

After the seminar, I purchased a copy of “No Sweat”. Literati Bookstore, here in Ann Arbor, is often present at ZingTrain seminars with books for sale. Great idea!

Dr. Segar signed my copy of the book with “What sustains us, we sustain”.

One can hardly argue with that.