Our New Apprentices!

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Congratulations to Ashlie Camp and Alicia Norton! Because of their loyalty and commitment, both of these ladies have earned a position in Brown and DeLine’s apprentice program.

As part of our commitment to the local community, we offer this 2-year, state regulated program. Being an apprentice allows individuals to stay working in the salon while obtaining a cosmetology education at no cost to them. This hands-on approach has proven to be extremely successful.

During the 24 months, apprentices have weekly classroom time, independent study, exam, model days and long hours. Time sheets, tests and practical application totals are all reported to the State Board of Cosmetology at different times throughout the program.

By the time our apprentices take their final state board exam, they have a huge advantage over their beauty school counterparts. Most students at this point are dealing with the stress of finding a job as an assistant, trying to get advanced education and building a clientele.

Because of our finely tuned program, taught by Kristy Williams, Jacki Rasmussen and me, our apprentices begin their careers with an established clientele and the knowledge and skills to succeed!

Many of Ann Arbor’s top stylists are products of Brown and DeLine’s aprrentice program!