Our New Massage Therapist

Monthly Newsletter

We are pleased to announce that Linda McEntee has joined our team as a massage therapist.

Linda has been studying, practicing, and exploring alternative health & fitness systems for more than 30 yrs. Her main modality has been movement ~ thru the practice of Yoga. More than simply exercises, this modality combines a full science of wellness practices with the art of ancient healing.

Linda received her training and certification from Mueller College of Massage, in San Diego, California in 1984. Bill Mueller, the director of the college, has a philosophy that is holistic and humanistic. The instruction focuses on using the best of the various styles that have developed around the world over time.
Linda stays up-to-date on her knowledge of massage and body work techniques by continuing her education.

Linda believes in tailoring a massage towards the needs of each client. She has many tools in her toolbox: deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial, polarity, Swedish and Trigger Point, as well as many movement modalities. Clinical techniques are embedded within a more flowing, soothing approach so the mind relaxes along with the body.
Linda has a great passion for her profession. She is dedicated to making each and every massage experience exceptional. She stays in tune with her clients. By listening to the client and their body, she gives the ‘wow’ experience that our clients love!