Our Trip to TiGi’s World Premier in London!

Motivational Moments



Four of Brown & DeLine’s finest recently earned the opportunity to experience
TIGI’s World Release Premier in London. Their journey inspired us, and this is
the sneak preview of what they learned!

Cathy, Kristy, Addison and Brenda made the 7 hour hike over the Atlantic. Arriving in the early morning of June 29th, they began their journey. Guests of  TIGI, they stayed in the historic district of Bloomsbury in the West End. The  West End side of London is known for the amazing view of the London Tower and the  River Thames. During their short trip, they enjoyed most of the tourist  attractions, including a double decker bus tour, Buckingham Palace and the  exciting night life!

Though  the whole trip was amazing, Monday was the most important day: the day of the TIGI  World Release Premier. Brown & DeLine was the only salon invited from the
United States! Regaining focus, with a full night of sleep and the fabulous
Brown & DeLine energy, they ended their journey with a BANG.

By hairdressers for hairdressers, this educational event was meant to inspire and
drive hairdressers around the world to share ideas and engage in creative  thinking.  The fashion show was created  by Anthony Mascolo, an award winning hairdresser and the International Creative Director of TIGI. On stage accompanying him was the rest of the International  Creative team, including Nick Irwin, Christopher Catanese, Akos Bodi and many  others! Demonstrating the latest hair styling and cutting trends, along with  incorporating some of the latest trends in the fashion industry, they had the  crowd on the edge of their seats with amazement.

Tuesday  morning, the short but fabulous journey ended. Arriving home safely back to
American soil, our team was excited to have them back and eager to hear about
their whole experience.

The  four inspired our whole team to bring the London energy from across the ocean to  behind our chairs!

Come  enjoy their stories, inspirations and experiences next time you are in the